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Dura-Band Neck Strengthening Trainer

Concussions are on the rise as there are now estimated to be as high as 3.8 million sports related concussions occurring in the United States each year. Our Neck Strengthening Trainer was specifically designed to help reduce concussions.

Sports today are being played at all time speeds and power. So the million dollar question becomes, "What can you do to help reduce the risk of having a concussion?"

New research shows that, neck strength is a key element in reducing the probability of a concussion in addition to protecting the player from an injury to the neck itself. This powerful research shows the odds of getting a concussion fall by 5% for every one pound of increased neck strength. With thousands already in use, you can be confident in the DURABAND® Neck Strengthening Trainer program to do this for you!

Proper and safe neck strengthening is of utmost importance. With our Neck Strengthening Trainer you can eliminate the worry of spine compression forces which may lead to serious neck problems. The exercises we designed by a top sports medicine physical therapist and spine specialist with more than 20 years of experience at a top 10 US News and world report sports medicine center. The exercises were specifically designed to mitigate the forces that occur during a blow to the head and neck. They are easy to do and can be performed from the convenience of a door or stationary object. The Neck Strengthening Trainer creates smooth, controlled, multidirectional resistance and can be varied to meet the needs of all ability levels. As an added benefit, it is capable of simulating functional sport specific movements, improving reaction time and strength for your specific sport.

In about 5 to 10 minutes you can effectively strengthen your neck in all directions including rotation which is a crucial exercise often overlooked. Do this 3 to 4 times a week, and with a stronger neck you can confidently lay your head on your pillow at night knowing you are ready to face tomorrow’s challenges.


Dura-Band Neck Strengthening Trainer
System Includes: 1 Orange Band, 1 Green Band, 1 Head Strap, 1 Exercise Handle, 1 Safety Glasses, Instructions, Neck Strengthening Specific Exercises and 1 Carrying Case.

Model - DBNS $39.99   


Dura-Band Flexibility and Stretching Trainer

Comfortably and securely attaches to any body part for the perfect stretch every time!

Why should I stretch?

Flexibility is important for the human body and especially athletes. By regularly stretching the muscle it creates the optimal biomechanical advantage for muscles to perform at their peak level. Without stretching, muscles function in a limited range of motion and do not allow optimal power generation and limit range of motion which will inhibit performance.

How should I stretch?

The superior benefits of the Dura-BandŽ Flexibility and Stretching Strap will help prevent injuries, increase performance or can be used to rehabilitate an existing injury. It is extremely easy to use and is fully adjustable for any position or body size.

When it comes to flexibility training there is nothing like the Dura-BandŽ Flexibility and Stretching Trainer. This versatile trainer allows you to hold a foam handle making stretching comfortable and it adjusts to any length, allowing you to create the proper stretch every time.


Dura-Band Flexibility and Stretching Trainer
System Includes: 1 Nylon Adjustable Flexibility and Stretching Strap; 1 Exercise Handle; 1 Extremity Strap; 1 Carrying Case; and, 1 Instruction and illustrated exercises.

Flexibility Model - DFAS $14.95   


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